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Spring Contest/Giveaway 2022

Join IHEA-USA Today and Get Entered to Win a SIG Sauer® BDX® System

The IHEA-USA, in partnership with SIG Sauer, offers you the opportunity to win the latest in hunting optics technology, the SIG Sauer BDX System. Simply join the IHEA-USA today (as a current member, you are automatically entered to win). It’s just that simple.


The SIG Sauer BDX system includes the KILO 1600 BDX Rangefinder combined with the SierraA6 BDX 2-12×40 Riflescope, the combination of which, will allow you to take the most accurate and ethical shots possible. Easy to operate with the SIG BDX app, hunters simply put the ballistics of the round that they are shooting into the app and the app communicates that information to the rangefinder and the scope. The rangefinder not only calculates the distance to target, but it will also calculate elevation holdover and windage adjustments for the ballistics being used. With the scope, you again get holdover calculations, multiple holdover points, and a digital ballistic reticle that you can adjust based upon your preferences and the ballistics being used.

Check your state regulations for restrictions.


Your IHEA-USA membership also gets you free virtual registration to our 2022 Annual Conference. Available to all Hunter Educators to attend!

Earn an Additional Entry into this Giveaway by Registering for the 2022 IHEA-USA Annual Conference.

Winner will be drawn on May 10th and announced May 19th at our Annual Conference.