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Savage Arms Increases its Support for Hunter Education

The IHEA-USA is excited to announce that Savage Arms is increasing its financial support, offering the IHEA-USA additional funding for its dramatically growing programs.

The IHEA-USA is in high-growth mode with its Firearm Fundamentals Courses launched in 2022 and now, a robust mentorship and instructor training platform gaining rapid momentum among the state fish & wildlife agencies. Also new for this year, the IHEA-USA will be launching a student publication, Hunters Experience, which, when combined with the continuing education video platforms Hunters Connectand, will offer new hunters a variety of ways in which they can successfully gain the necessary confidence to move from the Hunter Education classroom to the field.

Executive Director of the IHEA-USA, Alex Baer, stated, “Savage’s commitment to the future of safe hunting is much appreciated and well established in our community. We are pleased to provide them value by offering a conduit to our dedicated volunteer instructors and hunter education students. We welcome them back for another year with gratitude. The growth of this partnership allows the IHEA-USA to continue development of technical platforms necessary to meet the expectations of the modern student.”

“The initial and continued education of new hunters and shooters is a large undertaking and an undertaking that, as an industry, we should all be a part of,” stated Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing for Savage Arms. “The relationship we’ve experienced with the IHEA-USA in the last year has benefitted our brand. We are strongly committed to firearms and hunter safety, and the future of the shooting sports IHEA-USA training brings.”

The IHEA-USA will use a portion of the Savage funding to create content around Choosing the Proper Shotgun for Hunting and defining R3 and what it means to the Hunter Education community. IHEA-USA Instructors will also offer topics to help Savage Arms with their blog content.