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Magpul Steps Up to Support Hunter Education

The IHEA-USA announced today that Magpul Industries is now an official partner to Hunter Education. 

Known for its support of hunting and firearms safety, Magpul Industries has stepped up to sponsor the upcoming IHEA-USA Conference and will be participating in several IHEA-USA programs. Magpul will be offering discounts to IHEA-USA Hunter Educators and will also support the student audience with information on replacement stocks in the new classroom product offered by the IHEA-USA, Hunters Experience.

 “The value that Magpul’s sponsorship brings the IHEA-USA and our dedicated volunteer instructors and hunter education students is greatly appreciated,” stated Alex Baer, Executive Director of the IHEA-USA. “Partnerships of this magnitude allow us the ability to be progressive in our training offerings to our instructors, new hunters, and the general hunting public. Contributions like this to our efforts are of high importance to us, and we are grateful for this new partnership.”

“Magpul is proud to lead the industry in support of Hunter Education,” stated Carol Bethea, Events and Sponsorship Manager for Magpul. “We are committed to firearms safety, so aligning our brand with the IHEA-USA and its audience was an easy decision. We are pleased to be able to support this unique and critical audience to the future of hunting and shooting. ”

The upcoming IHEA-USA Annual Conference is June 26-29 in Boise, Idaho. They are expecting over 1000 attendees both live and virtual.

For more information on this release or sponsorship of the IHEA-USA, reach out to [email protected].