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IHEA-USA’s Program Launches a New Course on Creating an Inclusive Environment for Hunter Educators, the IHEA-USA’s online learning and mentorship platform, now offers a course on Creating an Inclusive Environment for hunting educators and mentors.

Developed to address the diversity within hunter education, Creating an Inclusive Environment provides educators with strategies to ensure everyone in the classroom has the opportunity to learn in a safe and welcoming environment. Hunter education students represent a wide range of varying demographics, and this course is intended to help instructors better meet their student’s needs so that they may more effectively learn about safe hunting. The content of this course prepares educators to remove barriers of education so that they may engage with their students in meaningful ways. 

Jae Ellison, Director of Education for the IHEA-USA, commented, “It is exciting that IHEA-USA can offer this course as a resource for instructors through The hunting community is strengthened through diversity, so it is essential to equip instructors with strategies to connect with all people. The hunter education classroom is oftentimes the first meaningful experience in hunting for many new hunters. This initial interaction can set their trajectory as hunters, so it is important that the student experience is positive and inviting.”’s capabilities allow state Hunter Ed Program Administrators and instructors to access relevant educational online training, alleviating the challenges of necessary training for Hunter Education volunteers across their state. In addition, this capability will help onboard new volunteers for state agencies and increase volunteer relevancy and retention. currently offers nine courses for instructors and mentors.

For more general information about or to inquire about continuing the education of your own volunteer workforce, contact Jae Ellison at [email protected].