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IHEA-USA Announces QuietKat Apex Pro Fundraising Raffle

The IHEA-USA announced today that it is raffling off a QuietKat Apex Pro electric bike, which was generously donated to them by QuietKat.

The Apex Pro is one of the most capable hunting and hauling e-bikes built by QuietKat and offers all the latest features like a 1000w motor and an industry-leading 100 lbs hauling capacity. With hydraulic disc brakes, 4.5” tires, and a wide assortment of accessories for your hunt, the Apex Pro will efficiently and quickly haul the game back to camp or the truck with minimal effort.

 “QuietKat’s generous donation will allow us to further IHEA-USA projects that ensure new hunters get safely into the field and offer them additional resources to learn to hunt outside the Hunter Education classroom,” states Alex Baer, Executive Director of the IHEA-USA. “The opportunity to raffle this and offer it to our audience and the general public is greatly appreciated. We sincerely thank QuietKat for this generous donation.”

Raffle tickets are now available through the IHEA-USA website for only $20.00 each. Only 250 tickets will be sold. The raffle will net the IHEA-USA $5,000 for its general fund to support its research and develop resources supporting Hunter Education and R3 Initiatives.

Stay tuned for more raffles and auctions to support IHEA-USA throughout the year!