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Spring Contest 2022 – Winner Are Chosen!


The SIG Sauer BDX system includes the KILO 1600 BDX Rangefinder combined with the SierraA6 BDX 2-12×40 Riflescope, the combination of which, will allow you to take the most accurate and ethical shots possible. Easy to operate with the SIG BDX app, hunters simply put the ballistics of the round that they are shooting into the app and the app communicates that information to the rangefinder and the scope. The rangefinder not only calculates the distance to target, but it will also calculate elevation holdover and windage adjustments for the ballistics being used. With the scope, you again get holdover calculations, multiple holdover points, and a digital ballistic reticle that you can adjust based upon your preferences and the ballistics being used.

Check your state regulations for restrictions.


Link to Instructor Photos

Instructor Photo Contest

Here comes another IHEA-USA Contest with great prizes and this one is a photo contest for Instructors and IHEA-USA instructor members.  That’s right, we’re looking for a photo or photos that demonstrate modern Hunter Education and celebrate the evolution, diversity, and inclusion that Hunter Education now represents.  Think, how is Hunter Education adapting to a changing world, then make or find a photo(s), enter the contest, win great prizes!

There will be one Grand Prize winner chosen that best represents how modern hunter education is evolving.  This winner’s photo will be turned into the next IHEA-USA artwork and will be made into a painting with prints to distribute across the country.  The winner will receive a framed print of the artwork for themselves.  

Separately, every entrant will be entered into a prize drawing for the three great prizes listed below. Enter a photo(s) to enter once per Instructor, regardless of the number of photos entered, and one additional entry if you are an IHEA-USA member.  Become an IHEA-USA member here.  Just to clarify this contest has a 1 + 1 entry method, 1 entry if you enter a photo(s) and an additional 1 entry by being an IHEA-USA member.

This contest kicks off on September 1, 2021 and will end November 15, 2021.  The winners will be announced by December 1, 2021.  So get started planning, taking photos, and getting them sent in.

Enter Photos for Contest at the Bottom of this Page

The top three raffle winners will receive generous prizes including:

1st Prize Drawing Winner – Larry Downs, Washington

Ruger SR1911® Competition Pistol 45 auto from the Ruger Custom Shop

Link for specs

Valued at $2309.00   

Link to Ruger Custom Shop

2nd Prize Drawing Winner – Judith Kennen II, New York

Leupold  BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x42mm

Link for specs


Link for specs


Link for specs

Total Prize Package Valued at $799.97

Link to Leupold Home Page

3rd Prize Drawing Winner – Casey Faultner, Arizona

IHEA-USA Branded Prizes

Hat and Sweatshirt with IHEA-USA branding.

Valued at $100

Photo Contest PDF Here

This giveaway is open to the public and sponsored by the IHEA-USA.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE OR TO PLAY. PURCHASE OR PAYMENT WILL NOT INCREASE ODDS OF WINNING. To enter raffle without entering a photo(s) please submit a 3×5 card with full name, address, email address and phone number indicating entry to IHEA-USA, PO Box 1320, Lolo, MT 59847 by November 15, 2021 to apply without a purchase.

A winner must be at least 18 years of age and not prohibited by law from owning a firearm.

The photo winner and winners from random drawing will be chosen by IHEA-USA staff December 1, 2021. The 1st prize winner will receive a Ruger SR1911® Competition Pistol 45 auto from the Ruger Custom Shop, valued at $2309.00. The 2nd prize winner will receive Leupold  BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x42mm, PRO GUIDE BINOCULAR HARNESS 2, and PERFORMANCE EYEWEAR PACKOUT, valued at $799.97. The 3rd prize will receive an IHEA-USA branded prizes, valued at $100. Winner will be contacted with relevant drawing and licensing information, once selected.

Void where prohibited by law.

Summer Contest/Giveaway 2021


The Boone and Crockett Ranch

What’s Included

3 Days of Hunting Access on the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch

Meals and Lodging are included

Three Day General Rifle Deer Hunt Valued at $4500

Hunt Dates: Approx. October 24th through October 30th, 2022

Winner Chosen Tuesday, June 15, 2021