Directory of Administrators

Look here for contact information of those coordinating each state and provincial hunter education program.


Directory of Instructor Associations

Many states and provinces have volunteer instructor associations that work on hunter education projects. Here is who to contact!


Become an Instructor

The future of hunting depends on volunteers that teach hunters to be safe, responsible, knowledgeable and involved. If you are interested in joining the ranks of volunteer instructors, visit this page.


Meetings and Events

Visit this page for an overview of meetings and events of specific interest to hunter education instructors.


Hunter Recruitment and Retention

Hunter recruitment and retention are important topics to fish and wildlife agencies and future conservation efforts. Hunter Education Programs have a role in hunting participation. Find out more here!


Instructor Resources

IHEA-USA provides many free resources for hunter education instructors. Training aids are some of the most popular IHEA-USA resources! Go here to see what is available.


Special Offers for Instructors

Many manufacturers offer special discounts to hunter education instructors. You can find their offers here.



What kind of awards are presented by IHEA-USA and its partners? Who receives these awards? Look here for more information!


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IHEA-USA greatly appreciates the support of its Lifetime Members!


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