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Buy a Raffle Ticket Today to Win a QuietKat APEX PRO Electric Bike!

Looking for an innovative way to get out and hunt? Buy a $20 raffle ticket for the QuietKat APEX Pro today!

$5000 value! Odds 1 in 250

QuietKat Electric Bikes, the leader in off-road eBikes is proud to donate the APEX PRO to the IHEA-USA for fundraising. Known for their all-season power and ability to tackle rugged terrain, The QuietKat Apex Pro will haul your gear silently and scent-free and your trophy out efficiently. QuietKat is the original all-terrain, electric hunting bike with over ten years of experience focused on superior craftsmanship and quality to take you places other vehicles cannot access, because where the road ends, the hunt begins.

The pinnacle model for 2023 is the APEX PRO. QuietKat took its top-of-the-line APEX and gave it all the upgrades to elevate it to the pro level. They upgraded the front suspension fork to provide superior control, comfort, and performance. They then added a 16ah integrated battery for more power and an estimated range up to 48 miles with pedaling assistance and 24 miles throttle unassisted, plus the same burly 4 piston hydraulic brakes for superior control and stopping power. The mid-drive 1000-Watt motor and 9-speed SRAM gearing provides the ultimate power and utility at your fingertips to handle the most rugged and demanding trails. This is our top-of-the-line hunting bike for a reason; it’s superior strength, performance, and capabilities. 

Head over to and buy your raffle ticket for this amazing bike today!