Online Hunter Education Training Report for 2007 


Do Shotguns and Muzzleloaders Pose Less Risk than Centerfire Rifles for Hunting Deer in Pennsylvania?

From Mountain Top Technologies, Inc.: Todd S. Bacastow, Ph.D. This presentation compares safety considerations for shotguns, muzzleloaders, and centerfire rifles used for hunting deer in Pennsylvania.

Wildlife for the 21st Century: II - Recommendations for President George W. Bush

Recommendations presented by the American Wildlife Conservation Partners.

Detectability and Visibility of Solid Hunter Orange Vs. Camouflage Hunter Orange to Human Observers
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This study was conducted for the International Hunter Education Association in conjunction with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, to gather data about elevated stand accidents. The study entailed a telephone survey of hunters in North Carolina and Vermont. In the study, 536 hunters from North Carolina were interviewed, and 520 hunters from Vermont were interviewed, for a total of 1,056 hunters. The survey was administered in July 2002.
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Boating Literature Review
Factors Related to Boating in the United States. A Review of the literature.
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Online Delivery of Hunter Education
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2004 State Hunting Programs
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Youth Factors Phase 1
Factors Related to Hunting and Fishing Participation among the Nation's Youth. Phase 1- A Review of the Literature.
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Hunter Numbers
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