The IHEA-USA Board conducted its annual fall board meeting October 13-14th and, along with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, hosted the IHEA-USA Administrator's Academy October 15th-17th, both in Denver, CO.  Board meetings are held regularly to ensure that the business of the Association moves forward, and the Academy is held annually to acquaint new administrators and their staffs with hunter education program administration, with federal aid information and services and with IHEA-USA, the professional association of state hunter education administrators, instructors and programs. Also on hand was Matt Dunfee, Wildlife Management Institute, with information on the Hunting and Shooting Sports Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation Action Plan and where hunter education fits into the planning efforts. Special thanks to Chris Flohr and Kris Eng, CPW Hunter Education Staff, and to  Gary Berlin, CO Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor, for sponsoring an Academy meal (

(Front Row L to R): Randy Huskey (TN- IHEA-USA Pres.), Steve Hall (IHEA-USA Exec. Dir.), Ginamaria Smith (AK HE Admin.), Joshua Mackay (NH - IHEA-USA Reg. 3 Rep.), James Reed (OR - IHEA-USA Reg 1 Rep.), Megan Wisecup (IA - IHEA-USA VP/Treasurer), Fabian Romero (USFWS Region 3), Paulette Lubke (IHEA-USA Office Mgr.), Nicole Corrao (VT HE Admin.), Nicole Jimenez (USFWS Reg. 2), and Matt Dunfee (WMI)

Back Row L to R): Larry Morrison (IN - IHEA-USA Reg. 2 Rep.), Todd Schmidt (CO HE Admin.), Travis Casper (NC - IHEA-USA Reg. 4 Rep.), Melissa Neely (NY - IHEA-USA Secretary), Aaron Webber (USFWS Reg. 2), Ashley Lynch (AZ HE Admin.), Robert Ramirez (TX HE Admin.), Ja Eggett (UT HE Admin.), Kirk Smith (UT HE Admin.) and Daneil Pieterse (VT HE Admin.)

Not Pictured: John Sears (IHEA-USA Instructor Advisory Rep. to the Board) - board meeting participant; and Gary Berlin (CO HE Volunteer hunter education instructor and representative) - oriented Academy participants to the CPW headquarters range.


(Left Photo) Todd Schmidt, CO Hunter Education Coordinator, welcomes Academy participants and IHEA-USA Board of Directors and USFWS/WMI Presenters to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Headquarters during the recent IHEA Administrator's Academy to which CPW played host. (Right Photo) Matt Dunfee with Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) reviews the "Hunter Adoption Model" with Academy participants. The model is key to recruiting, retaining and reactivating hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts.