Contact Information
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
600 Capitol Way N
Olympia , Washington 98501-1091
Phone: 360-902-8111
Fax: 360-902-2155

Replacement Hunter Safety Card Information: http://wdfw.wa.gov/enf/huntered/certificate.htm
Web Sites
Main Web Site:  (http://wdfw.wa.gov/)
Hunter Education Web Site:  (http://wdfw.wa.gov/enf/huntered/)

Hunter Education Requirement
All first-time hunters purchasing their first Washington license and who are born after 1/1/72

Hunter Orange Requirement
All hunters must wear fluorescent Hunter Orange clothing with a minimum of 400 square inches of fluorescent Hunter Orange exterior, worn above the waist and visible from all sides. (Exception: Persons who are hunting upland game bird during an upland game bird season with a muzzle-loading firearm, bow and arrow or falconry.)

Hunter Education Instructor Association
Washington Hunter Education Instructor Association
Wenatchee, WA , Washington
Contact:Jeff Bull
Phone: (509) 679-5890
Email: wenfiracad@nwi.net
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