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Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Law Enforcement Division
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Lansing , Michigan 48909
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Replacement Hunter Safety Card Information: http://www.michigan.gov/recreationalsafety
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Main Web Site:  (http://www.michigan.gov/dnr)
Hunter Education Web Site:  (http://www.michigan.gov/recreationalsafety)

Hunter Education Requirement
You must take hunter safety if you were born after January 1, 1960. A hunter safety certificate or previous hunting license is required to purchase any Michigan Hunting License. Hunters anticipating an out-of-state hunting trip need to obtain a certificate prior to their trip, most states require hunters to carry their certificate when hunting and need it to purchase a license. * Michigan also offers the Mentored Youth Hunting program for individuals under the age of 10.

Hunter Orange Requirement
A person shall not take game during the established daylight shooting hours from August 15 through April 30 unless the person wears a cap, hat, vest, jacket, or raingear of hunter orange. Hunter orange includes camouflage that is not less than 50% hunter orange. The garments that are hunter orange shall be the hunter’s outermost garment and shall be visible from all sides of the hunter. Exception: This does not apply to a person engaged in the taking of deer with a bow or crossbow during archery deer season, a person taking bear with a bow or crossbow, a person engaged in the taking of turkey or migratory birds other than woodcock, a person engaged in the sport of falconry, or a person who is stationary and in the act of hunting bobcat, coyote, or fox.

Hunter Education Instructor Association
Michigan Hunter Safety Education Instructor Association
418 North Otsego Ave.
Gaylord , Michigan 49735
Contact:Vic Oullette
Phone: 989-731-1906
Email: vouellette@i2k.com
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