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Manitoba Wildlife Federation
70 Stevenson Rd.
Winnipeg , Manitoba R3H 0W7
Phone: 204-633-HUNT (4868)
Fax: 204-632-5200

Replacement Hunter Safety Card Information: No web access, contact the MWF office at (204)633-4868. You will need full name, address when you took the course, birthdate, current address and phone number. Replacement card fee is $15 and can be paid by credit card.
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Hunter Education Requirement
Students must be a minimum of twelve years of age. All first-time hunters (including bowhunters) must show proof of having taken the Manitoba Hunter and Firearm Safety Course OR a similar course from another province or state. Hunter Education became mandatory in Manitoba in 1969, therefore anyone purchasing a hunting license who was not 19 years of age in 1969 and had not previously held a hunting license, must have the Hunter Education training requirements. NOTE* Starting January 1, 2012, ALL hunters will have to produce a Hunter Education Certificate number to purchase a Manitoba hunting license.

Hunter Orange Requirement
A solid blaze orange hat and an additional 2580 sq. cm. of blaze orange above the waist and visible from all sides must be worn by big game hunters. Bow hunters are exempt during bow hunting seasons or in bow hunting areas only. Wolf hunters are exempt when hunting in game hunting areas while no other big game season is on. Black bear and wolf hunters are exempt during the spring season. Manitoba requires 50% of Camouflage Hunter Orange garment to be daylight fluorescent orange color.

Hunter Education Instructor Association
There is not an instructor association on file for this state/province. 
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