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Hunter Education Requirement
Firearms Hunting: Certificate required of all persons regardless of age who have not held a resident firearms license in the past five years or for a first time licensee. Bowhunting: Connecticut Advanced Bowhunter Education Certificate or its equivalent (NBEF/IBEP content) from another state required for all archery permit applicants. Previous resident bowhunting license does not qualify.

Hunter Orange Requirement
No person shall hunt any wildlife from September 1 through the last day of February without wearing at least a total of 400 square inches of fluorescent orange clothing above the waist visible from all sides. This color requirement shall not apply to archery deer hunting except during the firearms deer seasons (shotgun/rifle and muzzleloader) on state and private lands. During the firearms deer seasons, archery deer hunters may only remove orange clothing when hunting from an elevated tree stand at least 10 feet from the ground (orange is required when walking to and from the stand). Other exemptions from hunter orange requirements include; archery and firearms turkey hunting; waterfowl hunting from blinds or a stationary position; raccoon and opossum hunting from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise; and deer hunting by a deed-listed landowner on his own property.

Hunter Education Instructor Association
Connecticut Friends of CE/FS
647 Lantern Hill Rd.
North Stonington , Connecticut 06359
Contact:Warren Speh
Phone: 860-536-6640
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