Online Hunter Education Courses

Many states and provinces offer alternative courses that allow students to take part of the hunter education course online. Students who complete the online training are normally required to attend instructor-led sessions to complete additional testing and skills training.

Currently the following Internet providers offer online hunter education training throughout North America and provide specific state/provincial information as well. They may not be available in your state or province, so be sure to check with your jurisdiction first, before signing up for a course (go to Instructors/Directory of Administrators for state contact information and web sites).  Taking such courses also may not automatically qualify you as completing hunter education. In most cases, you must also attend a "field day" in a particular state, with a certified hunter education instructor, to complete your training.



There also are several other 'providers' and individual states that provide their own online training that serve individual states, including the IHEA-USA courses at this site.  Go to Instructors/Directory of Administrators for contact information for your state or province.

Field Courses

Field courses are hands-on training sessions provided by hunter education instructors as part of traditional or Internet/Home Study follow-up coursework.  Field courses typically include opportunities for demonstrating skills such as muzzle control, live-firing exercises, skills "trails", ethics and responsibility facilitated discussions, blood trailing, distance estimation, shot placement, shot angles, "shoot/don't shoot" scenarios and much more.  Hands-on field courses are the best form of learning for students and are encouraged regardless of your particular state requirements.

The International Hunter Education Association-USA wants to make it easy for you to find courses. Each state and province has a different system for scheduling and advertising courses. Please go to Instructors/Directory of Administrators for contact information in the state you plan to attend/take a course.

Hunter Education State Contacts