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Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
1594 W. North Temple
Salt Lake City , Utah 84114-6301
Phone: 801-538-4727/800-397-6999
Fax: 801-538-4709

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Web Sites
Main Web Site:  (http://www.wildlife.utah.gov)
Hunter Education Web Site:  (http://www.wildlife.utah.gov/huntereducation/)

Hunter Education Requirement
A person born after December 31, 1965, may not purchase a hunting license or permit unless proof is presented to the Division or one of its authorized wildlife license agents that the person has passed a Division-approved hunter education course offered by a state, province or country.

Hunter Orange Requirement
If you're hunting in an area where a centerfire rifle hunt is occurring, you must wear a minimum of 400 square inches of hunter orange material on your head, chest and back. In 2009, the Utah Legislature passed a law that allows a camouflage pattern in hunter orange to meet this requirement. However, the Division strongly encourages hunters to continue using solid hunter orange whenever possible. There are some exceptions to the hunter orange rule. You're not required to wear hunter orange if you're participating in a bighorn sheep hunt, a bison hunt, a moose hunt or a mountain goat hunt-or a hunt that requires you to possess a statewide conservation permit or a statewide sportsman's permit-unless a centerfire rifle hunt is in progress in the same area.

Hunter Education Instructor Association
Utah Hunter Education Instructors Association
PO Box 233
Riverside , Utah 84334
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