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Main Web Site:  (http://www.dfw.state.or.us/)
Hunter Education Web Site:  (http://www.dfw.state.or.us/education/hunter/)

Hunter Education Requirement
All persons under 18 years of age must possess prove of hunter education while hunting any species by any means, except when hunting on own property or parent's property. Proof of hunter education is carry a hunter education certificate or having hunter education certification printed on a valid hunting license.

Hunter Orange Requirement
Hunters age 17 and under are required to wear a hunter (fluorescent) orange exterior garment or hat when hunting game mammals or upland game birds (except turkey) with any firearm. Details of the regulation: 1) Exterior garment means a shirt, jacket, coat, vest or sweater. 2) Hat means any head covering (hat, bandana). 3)The upper garment or hat must be visible in all directions (e.g. 360° of hunter orange). 4)Hunter orange camouflage patterns are acceptable. 5) Game mammals are deer, elk, bear, cougar, pronghorn antelope, Rocky Mountain goat, bighorn sheep and western gray squirrel. 6)Upland birds are forest grouse (blue and ruffed), chukar/Hungarian (gray) partridge, pheasants, quail (California and mountain) and sage grouse. 7)“Hunt” means to take or attempt to take any wildlife by means involving the use of a weapon.

Hunter Education Instructor Association
Oregon Hunter Education Instructor Association
P.O. Box 592
Hines , Oregon 97738
Contact:Dave Ganskopp, President
Phone: 541-480-5377
Email: david.ganskopp@oregonstate.edu
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