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Hunter Education Requirement
To purchase a hunting license you must have completed an approved Hunter Education course unless you hunted prior to July 1, 1977. Three day non-resident waterfowl hunters are exempted.

Hunter Orange Requirement
All hunters and those accompanying them must wear either: 1) a cap of solid daylight fluorescent orange color; 2) a vest or jacket containing back and front panels of at least 250 square inches of solid daylight fluorescent orange color. Maryland requires 50% of Camouflage Hunter Orange garment to be daylight fluorescent orange color; or 3) an outer garment of camouflage fluorescent orange worn above the waist which contains at least 50% daylight fluorescent orange color. (Exception: Hunters of wetland game birds, fur bearing mammals, doves, crows, wild turkeys, bow hunters during archery season only, falconers, and unlicensed hunters o their own property.

Hunter Education Instructor Association
There is not an instructor association on file for this state/province. 
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