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Hunter Education Requirement
All hunters born after Jan. 1, 1975, shall have a valid hunter education card IN POSSESSION WHILE HUNTING. A card is not needed for purchase. Exceptions: 1) Children under 12 may hunt without a card if accompanied by an adult. 2) Persons exempt from a hunting license are also exempt from hunter education card requirements (i.e., landowners; military on furlough). 3) Persons with a Hunter Education Exemption Permit may hunt without a card while accompanied by a legal adult hunter.

Hunter Orange Requirement
Hunter orange garments shall be worn by all hunters (except waterfowl and turkey hunters) while hunting on any location or property where any deer or elk gun season is open or permitted by regulations. Garments shall be worn as outer coverings on at least the head, chest and back. They shall be of a solid, unbroken pattern. Any mesh weave opening shall not exceed 1/4 inch by measurement. Garments may display a small section of another color. Camouflage pattern hunter orange garments do not meet these requirements.

Hunter Education Instructor Association
Kentucky Hunter Education Association
4963 Open Meadow Drive
Independence , Kentucky 41051
Contact:Todd Cole
Phone: 513-675-5240
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