State & Provincial Information

When you need information about hunting or hunter education in North America this is the place to look. Each state and province maintains information here about hunter education requirements, hunter orange, hunting regulations, and contact information,

Hunter Education Requirements

Hunter education requirements vary by state. If you are planning a trip to another state or province, be sure to find out about the hunter education requirements. Don't lose your chance to hunt waiting until the last minute to find out the requirements.

Firearms Regulations

Hunters who travel must know the firearms regulations for their destination. While wildlife agencies regulate the types of firearms and ammunition that can be used for hunting, there are many other regulations concerning the purchase, ownership, transportation, and use of firearms within each jurisdiction.

Replace Lost Certification Cards

Millions of people have taken hunter education courses throughout North America. Each year many people lwith misplace or lose their certification cards. If you have lost your card, here is a link to help you replace it.

Hunter Orange Requirements

Hunter (blaze) orange clothing has saved lives and prevented many injuries. Simply put -- it works! Hunter orange regulations vary by jurisdiction, season, and game hunted. This page provides information from state and provincial wildlife agencies. Always check the annual regulations to be certain you are in compliance with current laws.