Information about hunting and hunter education in countries other than the United States and Canada varies greatly and it is best to search the specific country in which you plan to hunt by "name of country" and "hunting requirements" to ascertain the complete listing of requirements including hunter education, if any. 

Countries like Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and some of the European countries have a hunter education presence and, often times, a requirement that you will need to comply with along with strict sporting arms transportation and carry requirements.  Mostly, you are required to have a (credible) guide and outfitter or "professional hunter', who will send you a list of all requirements that you must comply with in those countries in order to enjoy a safe and responsible hunt abroad.

Along with IHEA-USA, IHEA has professional organizations in the other North American countries and soon for the entire world -- an umbrella IHEA overseeing hunter education standards, reciprocity, training and issues from around the globe.