Hunting in the U.S. if from another Country

Information and links beneficial to non-immigrant aliens who are interested in hunting in the United States.

Hunting in Other Countries

Information about hunting and hunter education in countries other than the United States and Canada.

Hunting & Conservation Organizations

Learn about hunting organizations that you can join to promote wildlife conservation and save our hunting heritage.

Firearm & Shooting Organizations

Learn about firearm, firearm rights and shooting sports organizations that promote conservation, memberships and further opportunities for hunter education graduates.

Archery, Bow Hunting and Crossbow Organizations

Learn about trade associations, bowhunter education and youth/competitive archery and crossbow shooting organizations

Places to Shoot

Target shooting is fun and marksmanship skills are essential for responsible hunters. Visit this page for help in finding places to shoot.

Special Offers for Hunters

When the IHEA-USA learns about special offers for hunting equipment or accessories from our sponsors or partners that is available to all hunters we will post the information HERE!

Opportunities Beyond Basic Hunter Education Course

Nontoxic Shot Lethality Table ©

Use this table to select proper nontoxic shot for migratory game hunted.