Volunteer Hall of Fame Award

This award honors VOLUNTEER hunter education instructors, either active, retired or deceased who exhibits(ed) outstanding traits or provided services above and/or beyond the call of duty and exceeds the general efforts that helped to improve the Hunter Education movement in their respective jurisdiction and/or for IHEA-USA.  Note: This award recognizes Hunter Education volunteers for their efforts supporting Hunter Education over the course of their lives. (Individuals can only receive this award once.) It shall be the sole responsibility of the nominating jurisdiction to sponsor the award for any Volunteer Hunter Education Hall of Fame recipient from that jurisdiction.) After the nomination has gone through the awards process, the IHEA-USA Board of Directors makes the final decision.

Recipient Year State/Province
Charlie Rutkowski 2016 Oregon
Louis Stithem 2015 Nebraska
Jerry Riley 2015 Alabama
Jim and Peggy Ragland 2015 Missouri
Roger Mitchell 2014 Florida
John Sears 2014 Iowa
Ray Fischer 2014 Kansas
Hedge Jarvis 2014 Oregon
William Kerlin 2014 Alabama
Jerry Brown 2014 Alabama
Allen Basala 2014 North Carolina
Gary Brennan 2013 California
Kim Tavasso 2012 North Carolina
Elmer "Duke" Walton 2010 Texas
Walter "Gene" Norton 2010 Texas
Larry McAdow 2010 Kansas
Michael Holson 2010 Virginia
James Parker III 2005 Texas
Ed Augustine 2003 Kansas
John Dodson 2003 Virginia
William "Bill" Nichols 2003 Virginia