Service Award

This award is selected by the IHEA-USA Board of Directors and recognizes the contributions of individuals to the IHEA-USA for there outstanding service. This is given to Board members who are going off the Board.

Megan Wisecup Iowa 2017
James Reed Oregon 2017
Steve Hall Texas 2016
Travis Casper North Carolina 2016
Randy Husky Tennessee 2015
Lance Brown Saskatchewan 2012
Bill Blackwell Ontario 2012
Dave Bauer Colorado 2012
Chris Willard Oregon 2012
Ricky Moss Alabama 2012
Thomas Saldias Peru 2012
Wilhelm Greeff South Africa 2012
Tim Lawhern Wisconsin 2011
Jeff Hopkins Illinois 2011
John Thompson Kentucky 2011
Bill Cline Florida 2011
Davis Windsor Indiana 2011
Lance Meeker Oklahoma 2010
Gerald MacDougall   2010
Mark Birkhauser New Mexico 2009
Lenny Rees Utah 2008
Alan Hoover Missouri 2008
Chris Baldwin Newfoundland 2007
John Panio Saskatchewan 2007
Helen McCracken Wyoming 2002
Coralie Currier New Mexico 1996
Ray Weller Oregon 1995
Lou Rohmanyi Ontario 1995
Albert Ross Texas 1995
Dykes Reber Arkansas 1995