Innovations in Technology Award

Any individual, group or member of industry that exhibited outstanding support of the IHEA-USA and its mission by developing better ways of delivery of the hunter education program through technological advances is eligible.  This effort may be newly developed, revised, unique, unusual, active and innovative in fostering new delivery methods in hunter education.  Any individual, group or member of industry may receive this award annually.  After the nomination has gone through the awards committee process, the final decision will be made by the IHEA Executive Board.

Recipient Year Project
Quality Deer Management Association 2016  
Dustin Leggans 2015  
Fresh Air Educators 2014
Kalkomey Enterprises 2014 Internet/Event/Cert.
Dr. Jim Neale 2009 CD ROM
Andre Van Dyke, South Africa 2007 Shot Placement Video
Brian Tamietti 2005 Hunting Tools CD ROM
Hunteen Magazine 2005 Publication
Ray Metzler/Fed Aid Region IV 2002 CD ROM Course
Daisy Mfg. Co 2001 Lazer Ed Project
Nevada Division of Wildlife 2001 Lazer Ed Project