Gladney Davidson Memorial Award

IHEA-USA’s highest single award, this awards honors an individual or organization nominated for this award should have made some innovative contribution(s) to the field of hunter education that improves the excellence of professionalism of hunter education and those involved with its programs. After the nomination has gone through the awards committee process, the IHEA-USA Executive Board makes the final decision.

Recipient Year State/Province/Organization
Marilyn Bentz 2015  
Alan Hoover 2013 Missouri - IHEA Board
Anthony Imperato 2011 Henry's Repeating Arms
Winchester Ammunition 2009 Illinois
Tom Floyd 2006 Texas (IHEA Foundation President)
William Christi 1996 Virginia
Robert Byrne 1995 Wildlife Management Institute
Rick Wyatt 1994 Saskatchewan, CA
Jack Lorenz 1992 Izaak Walton League
Winchester Ammunition 1990 Illinois
Bud Eyman 1989 Missouri
NSSF 1989 Connecticut
Dr. Ed Kozicky 1988 Illinois - IHEA EVP
National Rifle Association 1986 Virginia
Jim Jones 1985 U.S.F.W.S
Bill Wadsworth 1984 N.B.E.F
Bob Jackson 1983 University of Wisconsin