Executive Director's Award

Awarded by IHEA-USA Executive Director to any individual or industry representative for outstanding contributions, assistance, and/or efforts well beyond the call of duty.  The award may be given at the annual conference or as deemed appropriate by the IHEA-USA Executive Director. 

Recipient Year State/Province/Organization
Megan Wisecup 2016 Iowa
John Frampton, President/Executive Director 2015 Council Adv. Hunt & Shoot
Council to Advance Hunting and Shooting Sports 2014  
Brian Thurston/Leaha Wirth 2014 Focus Group, Inc
Heidi Rao 2013 Texas
Paulette Lubke 2012 IHEA Staff
Megan Wisecup 2011 Iowa
Charles Bruckerhoff 2010 Connecticut
Jim Wentz 2009 Silvertip Productions
Terry Erwin 2008 Texas
Alan Hoover 2008 Missouri
Tim Lawhern 2007 Wisconsin
Tim Coleman 2003 West Virginia
Susie Kiefer 2002 IHEA Staff
Bob Mayer 2002 IHEA Staff
Brian Thurston 2001 The Focus Group
Brad Gunn 2000 National Wild Turkey Fed
Bill Reeves 1999 DART International
Jim Smith 1999 Thompson/Center Arms