Dr. Edward Kozicky Award

Dr. Ed Kozicky, the first Volunteer Executive Vice President of IHEA, epitomized the essence of hunting heritage and led early efforts to educate hunters across North America. This award honors an individual or organization that assists the President of the IHEA-USA in a manner that exceeds a general effort and above/beyond the call of duty. 

Recipient Year State/Province/Organization
Chris Willard 2016  
Matt Dunfee 2015  
Megan Wisecup 2014 Iowa DNR; IHEA-USA VP
IHEA Standards Comm. 2014 Thomas Baumeister, Chair
IHEA-USA Board 2013 2012-2013 Board
Melissa Neely 2012 New York
Tammy Sapp 2011 South Carolina
Charles Bruckerhoff 2010 Connecticut
Bob Davis 2009 NRA
Gary Berlin 2008 Colorado
Tim Lawhern 2007 Wisconsin
Lenny Rees 2006 Utah
Melinda Driskell 2005 Kentucky
Terry Erwin 2004 Texas
Wayne Doyle 2003 Kansas
Les Smith 1996 Nevada
Clair and Beth Huff 1994 Utah
Volunteer HE Instructors 1992 United States
Clair Huff 1991 Utah
James Delaney 1987