Darrell Holt Memorial Award

Darrell Holt contracted leukemia in 1970 and was told he would only live six more months.  However, he lived for 17 more years after a valiant fight all the while exposing himself to experimental treatment and drugs. Despite his terminal illness, Darrell established an outstanding hunter education program in Texas.  The award recognized the Hunter Education coordinator or administrator who worked under conditions that called for a determination to succeed despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles such as physical disabilities, working conditions, accidents, diseases, personal hardships, etc.  This award, second only to the GLADNEY DAVIDSON Award, recognized the individual’s success against his or her obstacles.

Recipient Year State
Tim Coleman 2009 West Virginia
Terry Bradbery 2003 Virginia
J.D. Peer 2002 Oklahoma
Joy Borsay 1998 Rhode Island
Judy Ford 1990 New York