Governance of the International Hunter Education Association - United States of America

The International Hunter Education Association - United States of America (IHEA-USA) is a non-profit organization representing professional hunter education personnel and volunteer instructors. The IHEA-USA Board of Directors has the responsibility to hire and evaluate the Executive Director, set goals, and monitor progress. The Executive Director and an Office Manager handle the ongoing operations from their office in Denver, Colorado, using policies established by the IHEA-USA Board under a modified Carver form of governance.

The IHEA Foundation is a separate non-profit board formed for the purpose of securing financial support and other resources needed to advance the mission of the International Hunter Education Association.

IHEA-USA Board of Directors

Melissa Neely, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Vice President/Treasurer
Marisa Lee Futral, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources 

Warren Goodson, West Virginia Div of Natural Resources - Law Enforcement

Region I Representative 
Wayde Cooperider, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Region II Representative 
Larry Morrison, Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Region III Representative
Josh Mackay, New Hampshire Fish & Game Department

Region IV Representative 
Eric Shanks, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

AFWA Representative
Mark Reiter, Indiana Department of Natural Resources 

Instructor Advisory Committee Chair
John Sears, Iowa

CAHSS Representative (Non-Voting)
John Frampton, Washington, DC

Executive Director (Non-Voting)
Brad Heidel

800 E. 73rd Ave., Unit 2
Denver, CO  80229
Phone 651-403-1772