2018-2019 IHEA-USA Committee Membership & Charges

Nominations and Awards



                 Region 1 (Western Region):     1. Pat Klotzbach (SD)              2. Ginamaria Smith (AK)

                 Region 2 (Mid-West Region):   1. VACANT                              2.  Megan Wisecup (IA)

                 Region 3 (Northeast Region):  1. Melissa Neely (NY) Chair      2. Josh Mackay (NH)

                 Region 4 (Southeast Region):  1. Megan Fedrick (MS)             2. Jennifer Pittman (GA)


                        Special Advisor: David Allen


                                                                        Board Delegate:  VACANT



Distribute nomination forms and criteria for officers of the board to members ninety (90) days in advance of the annual conference. The Nominations Committee will collect all nominations from members at least forty-five (45) days in advance of the annual business meeting held at the annual conference. The Nominations Committee will submit the nominees to the Secretary of the Board for distribution to the members at least thirty (30) days in advance of the annual business meeting held at the annual conference.

Distribute award nomination forms and criteria to membership at least 120 days in advance of annual conference, solicit nominations for those awards, evaluate and rank completed nomination forms, submit recommendations to Executive Board for final votes/decisions no later than 45 days in advance of conference.

Update award area on website to include photos and a write-up of the awardee. Finish the guidance document on procedure of awards nominations and honoraria. This shall include a description of the award, nomination requirements, presenter of the award, and who is responsible for selection of the winner. Consider consolidating if possible to 6-8 awards.




Bylaws and Resolutions


                       Region 1 (Western Region):    1. Wayde Cooperider (MT)        2. David Whipple (WA)

                        Region 2 (Mid-West Region):   1. Larry Morrison (IN)             2. Jon King (WI)

                        Region 3 (Northeast Region): 1. Nathan Figley (NY)               2. Josh Mackay (NH)

                        Region 4 (Southeast Region): 1. Jen Pittman (GA, Chair)        2. Joe Huggins (AR)


                                                            Board Delegate: Chuck Sykes (AL)



Seek input from the members and Board for any bylaw amendments and communicate any proposed changes to membership in advance of the 2019 IHEA-USA Conference. Discuss renaming of associate memberships to more marketable terms.


Conference Planning


        Four members per bylaws:      1. Brenda Beckley (ID)        2. Marisa Futral (AL)

                                                        3. David Allen (Chair)         4. Bill Cline (FL)


       Special Advisors:                     1. Paulette Lubke                    2. (HI)

                                                        3. Rachel Ladd (IA)                 4. WSFR Regional Rep.        


                                                        Board Delegate: Kevin Lockwood (IAC)


Assist IHEA-USA staff in planning, conducting, and wrap up of the immediate past IHEA-USA annual conference and assist with the upcoming scheduled conferences.

The Board would like to see a final draft planning document by the Winter 2019 Board Meeting to finalize.  This will assist the host states in the future with planning, coordination, and implementation of the annual conference.

Instructor Advisory



             Region 1 (Western Region):               1. Carl Edmiston, (AK)              2. Bob Okawa (HI)

              Region 2 (Mid-West Region):             1. Kevin Lockwood (IN), Chair   2. VACANT

              Region 3 (Northeast Region):             1. Bill Schwerd (NY)                 2. VACANT  

              Region 4 (Southeast Region):             1. Ricky Roland (FL)                 2. Bill Clayton (SC)


                                                         Board Delegate: Lt. Larry Morrison (IN)





The instructor advisory committee shall explore opportunities to conduct multi-state instructor rendezvous/academies, develop training aids and list instructions on how to make those teaching aids, provide the Board a list of potential committee project requests that they would like to see developed, expand individual memberships with instructors and explore the additional value added benefits that IHEA-USA can provide to the instructors. Select the recipient of the Davidson Gallery of Guns instructor and student award. Provide information on grants available to instructors and clubs, how to become an official non-profit club, and poll instructors to see the type(s) of trainings they’d like to see provided in an online/internet platform.



Hunting Incident Committee


                        Region 1 (Western Region):               1. Robert Pelzman (CA)       2. Travis Long (CO)

                        Region 2 (Mid-West Region):              1. Megan Wisecup (IA)        2. Michael Brooks (MO, Chair)

                        Region 3 (Northeast Region):             1. Ken Bruno (NY)                2. Andy Hueser (PA)

                        Region 4 (Southeast Region):             1. Pam Steelman (FL)           2. Steve Seitz (GA)


                        Special Advisor:                                 1.  Ken Kenyon  (IA)                                                                                                                                                           2.  Jon Paurus (MN)
                                                                                   3. Tom Wanless (MI)                                                                                                                                                           4. Shawn Olague (CA)

                                                                                  5. Joe Huggins (AR)                                                           

      Board Delegate: Megan Fedrick (MS)



Develop policy and specific guidelines for academy operations and provide input on instructor selection criteria and training. Develop, update, and implement a state host guide, teaching outlines, academy curriculum, and other necessary student materials for the Hunter Incident Academy and work with the Board on any legal requirements necessary for such documents.  Research new technology, tools and resources that can be incorporated into the academy or as part of a “tool kit” for member states in addition to providing the following: feedback and recommendations on future academy locations, equipment/material needs for instructors and students, a conclusion survey of participants, contractual needs for professional services and development for instructors, and a summary of the academy and surveys to the Board within 60 days of academy completion.

Work directly with the Hunting Incident Academy host state to ensure that they are adhering to the guidelines such as:  facility needs, field exercise sites, local media coverage/press releases, and that the number of host state staff/role players provided is sufficient to hold an academy.

Work with the Executive director and Board on potential PSA’s, safety videos, and other media related outlets to provide messages to the public on hunting incident prevention. Provide recommendations on ways to improve hunting incident data collection from the states into a national database, including following up with their state hunter administrators in their region for the information, and stress the importance of this data at the annual academy. Furthermore, to poll the states to see what agency/agencies have jurisdiction when investigating HRSI’s.

Provide the Board with basic knowledge requirements for students of the Hunting Incident Academy who are HRSI investigators as part of their official job description Furthermore, to come up with measurable criteria that demonstrates the instructors are proficient in instruction and have an area of expertise in HRSI.


Standards, Evaluations and Research Committee


          Region 1 (Western Region):               1. Ashley Lynch (AZ)           2. WilliamSeybold (ID)

          Region 2 (Mid-West Region):              1. Kent Barrett (KS)             2. Matt Ortman (OH)

          Region 3 (Northeast Region):             1. Susan Langlois (MA)         2. David Dodson (VA, Chair)

          Region 4 (Southeast Region):             1.Steve Hall (TX)                  2. Bill Cline (FL)


          Special Advisors:                                1. Kevin Lockwood (IAC)                                                                                                                                                    2. Charles Bruckerhoff (CT)                                                                                                                                                3. Bill Cline (FL)                                                                                                                                                                  4. Laura Ryder (NH)                                                                                                                                                            5. Nicole Meier (VT)                                                                                                                                                            6. William Johnson (Canada)                                                                                                                                              7. Edgar Wenzel (Mexico)                                                                                                                                                  8. Carl Arnold (South Africa)                                                                                                                                              9. Chris Baldwin (IHEA-Canada)


                                                Board Delegates:  Eric Shanks (LA) and Wayde Cooperider (MT)



Enhance hunter education delivery and assessment through scientific studies that evaluates program and instructor performance. Continue to work with CAHSS on R3 research initiatives. Solicit input from membership and develop standards and delivery methods that maintain reciprocity between all member states in these areas.


Develop Interactive Course and Trapping Standards to be approved at the annual conference. Drafts for both interactive and trapping standards to be submitted to the board by March 1st 2019. Review and update the list of countries that are accepted by IHEA-USA.